Balch Signs has been locally owned and family run since its beginning in 1994. Husband and wife team Diane and Ernie work together to carve signs, make banners, print decals, laser engrave, and screenprint. Ernie also uses his engineering skills to  maintain the company's CNC router and Laser Engraving system.  In his spare time, he is learning black smithing and making custom knives.

Located in Malta, NY
(518) 885-9899

Our Story

We started carving signs in 1994 when Ernie built his first CNC router and friends wanted signs made.  We found that the same software would support vinyl cutters so we started producing ready to apply vinyl letttering.  After a couple of years we purchased a Gerber Edge system so we could provide outdoor durable printed vinyl decals.  A few years later we were asked to provide screen printed shirts so we bought the equipment and learned screen printing and how to heat press names and numbers on shirts for sports teams.  In 2011 we purchased our first laser  system and now offer a laser cutting and engraving service.